Are the schools closed? Czarnek rules out. Niedzielski: Decisions in early November

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Niedzielski: We take into account the regionalization of the restrictions. The vaccination level will be decisive

In the new school year, all educational institutions have started their full-time education, taking into account the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Health and the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate. The growing number of infections with the coronavirus makes the fear of distance learning justified. – The increase we have is definitely beyond the forecast – said Minister Adam Niedzielski at the conference in Legnica on October 20. At that time, 5,000 infections per day were predicted, and in fact 6,000 were infected.

What are the government’s plans?

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Adam Niedzielski: We are in a much better situation than a year ago

In an interview with PAP, Adam Niedzielski spoke about the current epidemic situation in Poland and measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus. – It is not our intention to introduce another lockdown, which Poland cannot really afford – the minister assured. – Decisions will be taken at the beginning of November. In the last week of October we should be clear about the course of the pandemic.

In his opinion, taking into account the statistics, “we are in a much better situation than a year ago” and “the risk of losing the efficiency of the health care system is much lower”. Last year, around this time of day, we were dealing with more than 12,000 new cases a day — now that’s half the number — he argued.

Increase in the number of cases. Are schools closed? What about the regionalization of constraints?

Will schools close due to the increase in infections and switch to? distance learning?

– This morning, together with Minister Piontkowski, we participated in the government’s crisis management team – said Przemysław Czarnek on Tuesday (October 26). – We presented this situation to Fr. schools throughout Poland, but also in the individual provinces most affected by this fourth wave. We can say that we are not considering system changes, ie we are still working stationary – announced the Minister of Education, ruling out the closure of the institutions.

– There is no such plan, schools remain open. Of course, if necessary, individual institutions will temporarily switch to distance education, others to hybrid education, but as a rule – children will learn stationary – emphasizes Adam Niedzielski. He also drew attention to the regionalization of constraints. – You see a great layering. At the moment, eastern Poland, and especially two voivodeships – Podlaskie and Lubelskie – are very behind in terms of infections. Therefore they will be under the magnifying glass, but Please don’t ask for specific solutions, it’s too early for that.

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