Claudia Olsson August 9, 2021 – Summer & Winter in P1

Claudia Olsson is working to ensure that we unleash the full potential of digitization. She was hailed as one of the most creative and influential people in Swedish business and was named one of the World’s 100 Most Important Young Leaders by the World Economic Forum.

A globally sought-after digital strategist, Claudia founded the digital leadership training company Stellar Capacity and the language company Swedish for Professionals.
Graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology and the Stockholm School of Economics.

In her Summer, Claudia Olsson talks about how she tries to understand the impact of technology on individuals, companies and society.

– I’m talking about a future where people become more digital and the digital more human.

About Claudia Olsson:

Manager, entrepreneur, 37 years.

Born and living in Stockholm.

Debuts as Sommarvärd.

Editor: Per Berg.

Here you can see videos of some of the innovations Claudia Olsson mentions in her summer:

Neil Harbisson talks about the tentacle that allows him to hear colors:

Rodrigo Hübner Mendes drives a car with brain power:

The founder of the address system What Three Words describes how the system works:

The world’s first female AI news anchor:

Exoskeleton from Japan for the elderly:

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