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Cloud technology is one of the most valuable achievements of our time. It allows companies to act in a much more flexible way. In addition, cloud technology promises many functions that help maximize profits, improve internal and external contacts, and attract customers. In addition, technology simplifies all workflows and processes related to communication.

So far, many small business owners are not making full use of the cloud. This is because they take advantage of cloud technology such as a novel Cloud phone system not knowing. Others are skeptical of the digital possibilities. Cloud technology makes life easier for entrepreneurs and employees. In addition, it is much more contemporary and also has financial advantages.

The cloud for sharing files

Many private users know the problem: you want to email some photos to a friend, but there is just not enough memory. For businesses, the problem is much bigger. After all, they have to transmit and share large amounts of data on a daily basis. This is only possible if there is sufficient memory available. However, storage is always associated with risks.

USB sticks can to be encumbered with viruses. Department stores are also vulnerable. If shared with many people, attacks cannot necessarily be localized. The cloud can solve this problem. It assigns certain links, behind which are the storage amounts. Only those who have the corresponding link can access the data. Access rights and possibilities of action are also provided for and regulated. Safety is paramount. There are many companies today that are interested in the cloud to increase security.

It is possible to share all types of data between them via the cloud. This includes:

  • Text files such as invoices and business correspondence
  • Videos
  • Graphic
  • pictures
  • Podcasts and other sound recordings

Cloud technology for better communication

Cloud technology is not only an innovative solution for the transmission, sharing and joint use of data. It is also an enrichment for telecommunications and calls into question the previous telephone systems. Telephone systems have so far not worked on the Internet. As a result, entrepreneurs were forced to acquire complete technology.

Expensive telephone systems required regular maintenance by specially trained companies. In addition, the systems did not always work. Customers suddenly couldn’t reach the company. Thanks to cloud technology – and here VoIP technology – this problem is a thing of the past. And the cloud can do even more, because it is:

  • a guarantee of permanent availability
  • flexible with regard to possible applications
  • easy to install
  • understandable to laymen – technical expertise or computer knowledge is not required
  • inexpensive compared to telephone systems
  • quick integration thanks to the deletion of a technician appointment
  • accessible from anywhere thanks to the Internet available everywhere
  • safer than telephone systems

Regarding the possible applications, it must be said: Cloud technology is not only suitable for stationary PCs. It can be easily installed on smartphones, tablets and laptops. A simple application allows it. If the internet fails in the central area of ​​the business, calls can be recorded via a smartphone. People working in the home office also benefit if their boss has opted for the VoIP system. The system can be integrated and used in the train, in the park, on the beach and also on the home PC.

Other advantages of cloud telephony

The cloud does not stand still. There are constant adjustments. Thanks to exceptional software solutions, the cloud is much more secure against external attacks such as telephone systems. The cloud relies on innovative solutions to defend against hacker attacks and optimizes them on a daily basis. Conversations between two users are always encrypted and therefore much more secure than regular landline calls.

As for the current situation, developers of cloud-based services have also looked at the current needs of people. With the integration of video telephony, they have proven that they have their finger on the pulse of time. VoIP telephony is therefore ideal for conversations between two people as well as for video conferences within the company. Phone meetings, trainings and webinars become even more tangible, even more colorful, even more authentic. Although the current situation has calmed down, businesses will increasingly rely on home offices. Cloud telephony becomes part of everyday life and, thanks to the possible HD transmission, delivers high-quality images during video calls.

Cloud optimization is always possible

First and foremost, the cloud wants one thing: networking. And networking is a sensitive issue. So sensitive that some entrepreneurs decide against the cloud despite the advantages. They fear too much transparency and too much work with the cloud. The latter is a mistake. After all, the cloud regulates and manages itself, optimizations are always possible at any time.

It depends on the type of cloud. There is a public cloud. This is controlled from a public server. Public cloud comes with a flat rate, on the other hand saves annoying maintenance. There is also the private cloud. Some costs are only incurred here for acquisition and activation. After that, the system is free. Maintenance is carried out by the contractor himself. The server is located in the operator’s house and is not centrally regulated by the public.

Cooperation with foreign countries

Globalization allows us to establish contacts with all countries of the world. To do this, however, we need a certain amount of technology. The internet is one of them, and our devices are one of them too. Unfortunately, there are still adjustment issues. In other words: telephone contact abroad is associated with considerable costs. Companies operating internationally want to minimize these costs.

Make daily calls abroad and yours The package does not cover this, this minimizes your monthly profit. With the help of a cloud, it is possible to reduce telephone costs and to do so permanently. Cooperation with foreign countries no longer depends on free and often inferior solutions. The cloud embodies seriousness and picks up where phone systems leave off.

Data can be transmitted in real time and correspondence is much faster than by mail or e-mail. The system helps, so to speak, in acquiring customers and improving support. Suppliers can also be contacted faster and more securely, speeding up shipping processes. In addition: The cloud makes it possible to react more quickly to changes.

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