DouKISS is coming to Cyprus

Shortly before the long-awaited first meeting – and the next – Avant Garde contacted the well-known drag artist!

Doukis, what prompted you to participate in drag shows?
It was clearly my love for this art that led me to work in this field. In the end it turned out to be my talent too. You see, I’ve had a lot of incentives from a young age. I looked at Zacharatos and when I dressed up as a woman on Halloween, I saw people having fun with my persona. By the time I was 18, I had seen live drag shows in Athens, as well as the Rupauls Drag Race competition online for Drag Queens!

What have they done professionally in the past?
Before dealing with drag shows professionally, I completed my studies in public administration at Panteion and Interior Design. Drag started as a hobby and eventually became a professional for me, parallel to my study interior decoration, so in 2016.

Is dragging art?
Of course it is Art and this has nothing to do with what one considers Art. When drag combines many arts at once, there can be no doubt that it is art. It combines acting, dancing, painting – through make-up -, sewing and much more. Drag Queens are artists! In my shows, even the lyrics are mine and the improvisation too. I like improvisation, even in my choreography, it makes me live the moment intensely and without limitations!

What motivates you most in the profession?

The people who come to see what I do can help me. For them I do it first and then for myself, that is, I have fun because of them when they see me and laugh and then they talk to me and we talk together! I like people who respect me for who I am!

I happened to give necklaces to the audience because he was leaving at the time of the show and then…didn’t see it again

Is styling the alpha and omega in this job?
Now I’ll tell you… it depends. An outfit can take you from a very short time to choose it to a year to make it as you imagined. I’m telling you the tips here because when you put on a show, yes, styling is the alpha and omega. It’s the first impression on the audience as soon as they see you on stage and I have to captivate them! Usually I want to prepare in peace for two hours before going on stage, but if conditions require it I can do that in an hour!

Have you come across any mistakes in your show?
Here’s the list fun! From the body opening and they coming out… everything in the forums, but luckily I wore a lot of tights, from tuba to the stairs when I went up for the show, but also downstairs (laughs). I happened to give necklaces to the audience because he was leaving at the time of the show and then… you didn’t see it anymore (laughs). I had other… minor accidents. Luckily nothing extreme!

Are you participating in Pride?
The Pride Festival events are important for the visibility of lgbtqi+ people but also for the lgbtqi+ people who are still oppressed in their “closets” to see that they are not alone and that we are here for them! After all, drag as an art has its roots in the Laotian community.


Complex behavior and insecurities due to competition lead to toxic situations

How Athenian drag culture is currently evolving
The Athenian drag culture is still developing and has a lot to learn and therefore to give. There is evolution, but it happens with baby steps. I’m always happy to help new queens as much as I can because what I’m looking for is unity. You know the complex behaviors and uncertainties resulting from competition, lead to toxic situations that have nothing to offer.

We’ll see you up close on the first Sunday of November!
Yes! At Down Town Live with my drag daughter Nicole Nasty. This is my second time coming to Nicosia and I can’t wait! My first time at the peacock dynasty carnival party was unforgettable. Thank you for your love! Come and meet daughters and sons!

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