Linus defended 10 year old girl on bus – fought unconscious: “I would do it again”

Linus defended a 10 year old girl on the bus - fought unconscious:

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Linus defended 10 year old girl on bus – fought unconscious: “I would do it again”

When an affected man scared a 10-year-old girl on the bus, Linus, 20, did not hesitate to intervene. Something that led him himself to be beaten, who Aftonbladet previously reported.

It was on August 18 of this year that the nasty incident took place on one of the city buses in Malmö.

Linus Olsson, 20, and his girlfriend were in Turning Torso shopping for food and saw immediately when the affected man stepped on them.

– It was clear he was affected. he pointed at people on the bus, danced and laughed only to be upset the next second. He was also unpredictable, Linus told Newsner.

Noticed that the girl was scared

Almost all the seats were occupied. Besides one, the one next to a 10 year old girl.

The affected man sat down next to her and Linus and his girlfriend, who were sitting right behind, quickly noticed that the little girl was getting uncomfortable.

– She got scared. She curled up against the window and I saw that she was sad, he said.

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There were several adults on the bus but despite this no one did anything. Linus felt he had to act so just before they left he gathered his courage and walked over to the man.

– I told him there was now a vacant seat right behind where he could sit instead, Linus tells Newsner and adds:

– But then he got aggressive and said something like ‘Who do you think you are for’ and that he was a Nazi. At the same time, the little girl told my girlfriend that she was scared.

Fought unconscious

Finally, the man stood up and Linus thought it was to move to the seat that had just been released. But he was wrong.

– I thought the job was done and that he wouldn’t scare her anymore. But just as we’re about to jump, he hits me with his fist in the face and I collapse, Linus tells Newsner.

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Linus wakes up a few minutes later and hears that there is commotion in the place.

– I had trouble seeing so I only hear that it’s chaos, that he’s about to kick me but others on the bus stop him. I remember him saying his full name, his age and being happy and saying “I beat him”.

Soon after, police arrived at the scene and arrested the man.

Long rehabilitation

But that was far from the end for Linus. Instead, it was several months of rehab. Especially mentally.

– He received quite significant penalties. Firstly, I had to cancel a trip to Åre with my father, I had difficulty taking the bus and had to go to a psychologist to deal with the incident. I had to declare myself sick from work and many authorities were involved. “I just had to put my life on hold for a while after that,” he told Newsner.

The worst is the mind.

– The police believe they will not be able to deal with the case before 2022 because there are other cases that they must prioritize. It’s hard that he can break free and continue to behave like this.

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Nonetheless, he is happy to have stood up for the little girl and would do it again if he had the chance.

– He was a man influenced by adults who behaved like this towards an innocent little girl and what the adult does is put headphones in his ears and try to ignore. If their children had been treated like this, or if they had been treated at that age themselves, how would he have felt? If I was that age and wasn’t supported by the adult world, it probably would have hurt my self-confidence in the future, Linus told Newsner.

He adds:

– I don’t have the best civilian courage in the world but I would do it again, all the time. It would have been a lot worse if I had been told that something had happened to the little girl afterwards. It’s just that I hope people will support one then. People took action after I was beaten and I am forever grateful to them. But if people had supported me before, maybe it wouldn’t have happened and it would have been easier for everyone.

Linus is truly a true hero and a great role model who deserves all the praise in the world.

Do not hesitate to share to spread Linus’ courage but also to share his important call to the adult world.

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