measures 127 meters long –

A 30-meter yacht is a dream for many of us but certainly not for Jeff Bezos. For the owner of Amazon (as well as the richest man in the world) it is the tender, the support boat of his new purchase, a boat difficult to define as such.

127 meters long

Still in production, Project Y721, as it is called, is a 127-meter superyacht, more than a football field. Manufactured by the Dutch Oceanco, the boat is said to be top secret for the time being, but some details have already emerged. In addition to the length, there is the $ 500 million prize, obvious for a man who in 2020 put 75 billion dollars in cash and whose fortune today exceeds 200 billion.

It also has a helipad

Equipped with “several bridges” and three “huge masts”, the Y721 project has the prescription helipad, an essential accessory in superyachts of the new generation, and of course that second large yacht of 30 meters to serve as a tender. Only in a month, when it should finally be launched, will we be able to take a closer look and find out its technological characteristics.

The biggest boats in the world

In the meantime, we can do some math. Despite its oversized dimensions, the Bezos will not be the largest private boat in the world, indeed it will not even appear in the top ten or in the Top20. Once completed, The Y721 project will occupy the 23rd position, far, with its 127 meters, from three titans of the sea: Azzam dell’emiro di Abu Dhabi Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (179.7 metri), Coots Al Salamah of the Royal Family of Oman (164 meters) ed Eclipse at Roman Abramovich (162.5 meters). However, the situation changes if we only look at the sailboats. Here indeed Y721 will fly to the top in first position, beating the current owner, Oleg Burlakov’s Black Pearl, also manufactured by Oceanco and seen in the photo above, by 20 meters. To fight for the title there would also be the gigantic A, bizarre signed by Philippe Stark and belonging to the oligarch Andrey Melnichenko which reaches 142.8 meters long but is not a sailboat strictly speaking since it uses a hybrid sail-engine system. In short, Bezos can be satisfied.

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