Robert Maklowicz. A note on the phrase “tasty”. Can you say that?

Robert Makłowicz started on Instagram with a new project called “MakłowiczMovie”. His idea is that the journalist publishes videos once a month in which he answers questions asked him on his social profiles. These questions are pre-selected. In addition, it will organize question and answer sessions in a “live” format approximately once every six months.

The first episode of “MakłowiczMovie” featured, among other things, Is it appropriate to use the phrase “bless you” instead of “tasty” at the table? How does Maklowicz view this issue? “From my point of view, the expression “tasty” is a bit embarrassing. (…) Well, if we want the people sitting at the table to be “tasty”, we assume that what was served may not be tasty” – explains he out of the house was not called “delicious”. On the other hand, “for health” makes the most sense, because the point is that the meal we eat should serve us “- says the expert. It turns out that not only from food, but also from language.

The journalist points out that nowhere in the world you say ‘good’ at the table. He calls, among other things, French “bon apetit” and German “guten appetit” (in both cases – “good appetite”) or Austrian “Mahlzeit” (“blessed meal”).

This is the umpteenth time Makłowicz has criticized the popular expression. A few months ago, on the “Second Breakfast of Masters” program, he said, “The word “yummy” has this pejorative undertone: listen, we’ve got something here, I wish you enjoy it. we’re giving you a treat, it should be nice!”. And he added: “This is an abominable expression. An abominable one that should be prohibited by law.”

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