The Spooky Story Behind Halloween

The October 31st the night of Halloween. A celebration always associated with how it is celebrated in USA and that it is in fact the country that has been in charge of the “export” to the whole world. However, knowing the origin of this celebration It is something very curious, so we want to explain to you below, the spooky story behind Halloween.

The Spooky Story Behind Halloween

Why are we talking about the spooky story behind Halloween? It’s simple. Because many of us think that the story of Halloween has an American or English origin.

It is real an Irish feast related a “prior” to the harvest, but also to the dead and ghosts. The Halloween word is a contracted form of: “All Saints Eve”, what does the Halloween.

A celebration that arose as a result of Samhain (in the Celtic language it is pronounced Sauin), a feast corresponding to the Celtic New Year and marks the beginning of winter.

But it has a meaning even more intrinsic and somewhat spooky, the light that gives way to darkness, in the night between October 31 and November 1.

The Celts were certainly a people grateful to the gods, so they didn’t hesitate to take advantage of what was to them the New Year and the coming of winter to dispel the darkness, lit up the streets made with lanterns and carved from turnips and somehow pointing the way to the ghosts that could cross on the night of October 31 the threshold of the realm of the dead and they returned to the world of the living to scare them.

The ghosts were disguised and… they knocked on everyone. Whoever gave away food was lucky. And those who gave nothing were unlucky. Hence the saying: “Trick or Treat?” . But let’s also talk about pumpkins.

The True Story of Halloween Pumpkins

Why is the Halloween symbol the pumpkin carved and lit with candles? According to the legend Jack-O’-Lantern, he was a cunning Irish thief that, on the evening of Samhain, he played a good trick on Satan, managed to live longer than what fate had chosen for him.

When died, for this reason it was rthrown into heaven and so he was condemned to wander the earth. In front of light your way, put a burning embers in a turnip that the given to the devil.

But when the tradition and the Irish festival traveled to the United States with the Irish who immigrated to America, the tradition of cutting and lighting a turnip became the same, but with a pumpkin.

on America there were no big and big turnips, so they started using pumpkins, which were also much easier to cut.

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