This is where the world burns


Violent forest fires are taking place in several places in Greece. In the north of the capital Athens, residents have fled their homes as a major forest fire rages in the region. Sweden will help Greece with two firefighting planes, to curb the fires, which are favored by the extreme heatwave and strong winds.


800 fires mainly occurred in southern Italy. People were evacuated from their homes, including a thousand people on the island of Sardinia. Sicily was also hit hard by fires late last month.


Bosnia has been hit by temperatures of up to 43 degrees this summer, leading to forest fires. A fire in Bacevici, south of Mostar, came dangerously close to a family home and an aluminum factory, but was extinguished, reports Bosnian media.


One country hit by the heatwave around the Mediterranean and facing forest fire problems is Spain, where a fire was put out in late July in a reservoir outside Madrid. using planes.


One of the worst affected countries is Turkey, where it is burning in several places across the country. Thousands of people have fled their homes and seaside resorts are being evacuated, including Bodrum, Manavgat and Marmaris. Forest fires destroyed tens of thousands of hectares during the summer. Eight people have died, reports the Reuters news agency.

United States

In northern California, United States, the eighth largest wildfire in the history of the state of fire density is raging. Dixie, as the blaze is known, has so far ravaged over 100,000 acres and destroyed at least 45 buildings, according to the California Forest and Fire Department. No one has died at the time of writing following the fire.


More than 200 fires are active in Canada, and the fire-ravaged area covers one million hectares, according to CTV.

Wildfires in neighboring Canada and the United States were the subject of recent discussion during a telephone conversation between Prime Minister Trudeau and President Biden. Politicians want to collaborate in prevention work and firefighting work.


Record greenhouse gas emissions, with the risk of permafrost thawing. The consequences of the huge forest fires in Siberia appear to be considerable. It burns over an area of ​​4 million hectares and the smoke reaches as far as the North Pole, 3,000 kilometers away, reports Reuters.


In Finland, extinguishing work is underway to bring the worst forest fire in 50 years in the country under control. Swedish Yle reports that 300 hectares burned down in northern Ostrobothnia. Several fire brigades were sent to the Kalajoki region to contain the blaze and carry out clean-up work.


A large forest fire on a hill threatened a town in northern Macedonia. Kochani, in the east of the country, was hit by flames that destroyed several houses. Local media quotes the mayor of the city as saying that “the city is threatened from three directions”.


The extreme heat has caused fires in various parts of the Balkans, including Albania. Villages were evacuated and one person died. Aid was sent from the EU in the form of two helicopters for assist Albania in the work of extinction.

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