We found the recipe for Squid Game’s cookies!

What are these dalgona candies, the cookies from ‘Squid Game’? It’s impossible not to have heard of his series “The Squid Game” Netflix, what has been done viral the last days. The subversive Korean series has caused a stir among users. Many are already thinking of dressing up for Halloween in costumes similar to those worn by the characters in the series while others try to make those dalgona cookies, the korean cookies we see in the game.

In ‘Squid Game’ we look at 456 people drowning in debt and trying their luck in a daring game of life and death to win 45.6 billion won (about €40 million).

In one of the games that participants have to play, they have to cut shapes into thin Korean cookies known as ‘dalgona candies’.. If players break the cookies while digging the shapes, they will be banned from the game, with dire consequences.

Internet users found recipe for the famous dalgona cookies and they made them. We tried and they succeeded! They have a crunchy texture and a strong taste of sugar, while the preparation is very simple. You can make them in minutes.

These cookies are usually given to Korean children, who love them very much. A recipe that went viral and will now be tried by children all over the world.

Only two materials are needed: sugar and sodium carbonate. Heat the sugar in a large metal spoon and mix with the baking soda. All you need to do is not burn the sugar as it will become bitter and crystallize.

How to make cookies from Squid Game

Place a teaspoon of sugar in a large metal spoon and heat over low heat. Make sure to stir regularly with a toothpick so that it melts evenly. Add a pinch of baking soda and keep stirring.

Spread the mixture over a greased pan. You can make drawings on it, with the toothpick or with an embroidery hoop.

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