Weekly review October 24, 2021 in Łomża. The most important events from 10/17 to 10/23/2021. Check that nothing important has escaped you

We have prepared a weekly press for you. If last week you were too busy to keep up with the news from Łomża, now check out the articles that other readers read most often between 10/17 and 10/23/2021. Check that nothing important has escaped you. Have you read the article: “gm. Piatnica. Stormy consultation on biogas plants”?

Weekly review: Łomża, 10/24/2021. 17.10 – 23.10.2021: the 3 best articles

Here is a list of the most popular news from the past week. Have you had the opportunity to read them all?

g. Piatnica. Stormy consultation on biogas plants

The meeting of the inhabitants with the investor aimed to dispel doubts concerning the construction of a biogas plant near the villages of Żelechy, Wiktorzyn and Olszyny Kolonia. But the locals did not let the investor talk about their idea. And although he patiently answered their questions, the three-hour meeting did not convince locals.

KALINOVSKI presents the music video for the new single “Dzień W Dzień”

Adam Kalinowski, from Łomża, presents the latest single “Dzień W Dzień”, which will promote his debut album titled “Maybe the last record.”

?? Windstorms all over Poland. A growing number of damages and accidents [ZDJĘCIA]

Fallen trees, broken power lines and damaged buildings are the tragic effects of the storms, which were recorded across almost all of Poland on Thursday, especially in the northwestern regions. Below are galleries from different regions of Poland.

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Weekly press release 24 October 2021: 17-23 October 2021 Łomża: other events

Below we feature other articles that caught the attention of Łomża readers over the past week. What was so important that you couldn’t take your eyes off it?

omża. Two banks will lend the city PLN 25 million

The banking consortium of two cooperative banks: in Łomża and Kolno, will grant the city of Łomża a loan that will be repaid by 2034.

📢 Choose the Business Angel Łomża. Online voting has started

The third stage of the competition has started, its aim is to appreciate the entrepreneurs of Łomża. Residents can vote for candidates in the following categories: “Ambassador of Łomża region” and “Company of heart”. Voting will last until October 31, 2021.

Free tickets for Mrs Hania’s birthday are waiting for you at the office

As every year, the Municipal Cultural Center – House of the Creative Environment invites you to a concert of the series “Friends of Mrs. Hania”. This time, on the anniversary of Hanka Bielicka’s birth, Olga Bończyk will perform the program “Songs with Class”. Free tickets can be picked up at the office.

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