He killed the bear with his own hands. We know about his health – o2

It almost sounds unbelievable. Ilya Medvedev went fishing with his friend – Wiaczesław Dudnik. Suddenly a bear attacked them. First he attacked Dudnik, who had no chance against a wild animal.

Better luck 23 year old boxer. First, Ilya Medvedev tried to use firearms for defense. However, these arrows did nothing and only infuriated the animal.

With such a turn of events, the Russian jumped the bear with a knife. The 23-year-old’s fighting experience made itself felt and he eventually killed the attacking animal. Unfortunately, during this collision, Medvedev suffered serious injuries to his entire body, especially his head and legs.

Fight for the life of the Russian

The 23-year-old was seriously injured in an intensive care unit. The wounds turned out to be so large that it was necessary to put him in a pharmacological coma. For days, his health was at stake. However, now his coach, Dmitry Kosenko, got good information about the boxer in an interview with the Russian media.


Ilia came out of the coma and has already regained consciousness. In addition, he already communicates with us and even moves slowly. He is currently on strong painkillers. Preparations for the next operation are also underway – said the 23-year-old’s coach.

However, it is not that colorful. The trainer reported that the boxer had serious complications despite his awakening.

Extensive wounds have caused a large inflammatory process and it is impossible to lower the body temperature. Doctors are currently making sure that the infection does not increase – concluded Dmitry Kosenko.


The heroic attitude of Ilija Medvedev was appreciated by the president of AIBA (International Boxing Association). Umar Kremlev admitted in an interview with the Russian news agency TASS that the union will cover all costs of treating the 23-year-old.

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