Ikea postpones the opening of the new department store

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The opening of the new Ikea department store in Kållered in Mölndal has been postponed, reports Mölndals-Posten.

– For the very first time in the Ikea world, we are testing a unique robotic warehouse that automatically picks products that the customer would otherwise have picked up from the department store’s take-out warehouse. The goal is to make life easier for staff and customers and to create a better shopping experience. Because it’s completely new, it led to challenges we couldn’t count on, Mattias Hennius, press officer at Ikea Sweden, told the newspaper.

The automated robotic warehouse doesn’t deliver the quality Ikea just wants, he says.

– To feel confident that we can offer what we want, we have decided to extend the warehouse test period and thus bring forward the opening date.

So there won’t be a premiere on September 30th, please.

Anna Bryngelsson, manager of the Ikea department store in Kållered.

Photo: Press image

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The plan was that the current department store would close when the new one opened. Today, Ikea chooses instead to continue to keep it open.

– As soon as we feel that we can offer our customers the shopping experience that we want to be able to achieve, the department store will be open. Until then, everyone is welcome in the existing one, says department store manager Anna Bryngelsson in Mölndals-Posten.

The downsizing of the current department store had already started.

– Now we will further step up and gradually fill with goods. We will also reopen the inspiration section and bring in more seasonal products, so that we can continue to maintain a fair level until opening time.

Anna Bryngelsson admits to the newspaper that there is some disappointment that the switchover has been postponed.

– But that’s when you push development forward. We want to be able to offer a one hundred percent experience, right now we’re not here. It’s positive to be able to meet clients when everything reaches the level that we are looking for

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