It’s time to decide the concrete future of Attacus

Attacus factory in Strömsund.



This week the time has come to make a decisive decision on whether or not the Attacus concrete plant in Strömsund will continue. We are now awaiting a response from a potential buyer.

Time is running out and many jobs, so far around 200, are at stake if someone takes over the factory. Attacus concrete in Strömsund has been a major asset for the population and the municipality as a whole for many years. It is now announced that during the week it should be known whether a new owner will take over the construction company which went bankrupt in the spring.

The business of the bankrupt company consisted mainly of in-house manufacturing and assembly of frames and other concrete components for different types of buildings, apartment blocks and industries.

The tender deadline for a takeover has now expired and the case will be on the table this week, with Jan Lindahl, a lawyer at the Kaiding law firm in Östersund, acting as bankruptcy trustee.

Text and archive image: Barbro Ericson