Strömsund Red Cross receives the 2023 Accessibility Award

From left to right: Anna Andersson, Anna Folkwar, Katarina Östman, Carina Engström, Inger Tåqvist and Karin Näsmark, winners and chair of the Accessibility Council. Photo: Strömsund municipality



The Accessibility Council of the Municipality of Strömsund annually rewards the person or persons who, during the past year, have made efforts to facilitate accessibility for people with disabilities. This year the prize goes to the Strömsund Red Cross.

The Swedish Red Cross is a non-profit organization established in 1865. It is the largest voluntary humanitarian organization in Sweden, with more than 400 local associations, a press release states.

Shops and collections

In the municipality of Strömsund, the Strömsund-Hammerdal Red Cross operates second-hand shops in Hammerdal, Strömsund and Rossön. Here clothes and items are received and different types of collection activities are carried out to help people affected by crises and disasters around the world. An important part of the business is the coffee corner where everyone is invited to have coffee and share community.

Individuals nominate winners

On Monday, November 20, the Strömsund Red Cross received this year’s Accessibility Award from Karin Näsmark (S), Chair of the Accessibility Council. It is the public who nominates and the justification reads:

“The Strömsund Red Cross has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in its store at Storgatan 10. The premises are bright and accessible with a ramp outside the store and plenty of space inside. Here there are good opportunities to dispel loneliness and isolation through pleasant company, conversation and a cup of coffee.

“Happy and honored”

  • We are incredibly happy and honored by this award. This means that the work we do also means a lot to others. We serve an important function as a meeting place and have many regulars who come almost daily. We will now celebrate by displaying the diploma in a nice place in the store, explains Inger Tåqvist.

Published text: Barbro Ericson