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Uploaded Image: Real Fort Dodge Family: Mark and Lindsey, with their sons, Tris and Parker.

Some of Mark Ryal’s favorite memories can be traced back to his time as a Fort Dodge athlete as the Dodger.

High school was also where Real started to learn a lot about himself as a wrestler and especially as a person.

Lessons from Real’s years as a player will now be the focus of the next chapter of his coaching career as the two-time Iowa State High School champion takes over as assistant to Bobby Thompson’s team at the FDSH .

“It would be a refreshing change for me” Real Madrid, who were officially named earlier this week, said the 43-year-old. “I have a passion for sports and training, and there’s something about being suspicious… that I figured out how to do things the right way. How to grow up and become a man. What to learn from your teachers, but also how to get things done on your own.

“I’ll be honest, there aren’t a lot of high school programs I would like to attend. But for obvious reasons, I am honored to be a part of it. in my own way and helping the children in the program develop (on and off the mat) the way I was capable as a competitor. “

The state qualifier became widely known in the mid-1990s, winning his 3A title in his sophomore at 103 pounds and again in his senior campaign at 125. He was the 119-pound runner-up for the future Iowa Hawk. Eric Jurgens when he was young in 1995.

Real’s career record 131-8 stands out among the top 10 players in dribbling history, both in terms of overall wins and winning percentage. He received the school’s Henry W. Schultz Award as the best FDSH athlete in 1996.

SR’s success continued at the University of Northern Iowa. Conqueror of the Letters Panther made three NCAA National Championship entries as a senior captain in 2001.

Real then joined the USA Wrestling program and was an active fighter until 2008 when he won the national championship. Real has become a Greco-Roman American citizen five times and a national American university three times. He won a bronze medal at the Polish Pytłasiński Championship in 2007.

Real competed in the US Olympic Trials in 2004 and 2008. He worked as a training partner for Jake Deichler for £ 145.5 during the 2008 Olympics.

“Mark brings a wealth of experiences to the table” Thompson, who has been racing since 2005, said: “It’s a huge plus for us. He has traveled not only across the country, but also around the world as part of the sport. He succeeded in every step and has grown so much because of it.

“This perspective and knowledge will be invaluable not only to the kids, but to me and to other coaches. I have great respect for Mark, especially since I know what it means to him, (his wife) Lindsey and their family to be elusive. This is exactly what you would like to see if you were a supporter of Fort Dodge Wrestling. “

Real’s career as a coach at Central Iowa College began in 2010 after going through a strength and conditioning coach at UNI Wrestling. In 2017 he was an assistant at Tritonach.

The following season, Real became head coach of Buena Vista University. He held this position for three years.

“I learned a lot about myself as a coach and as a person of my time (at BVU)” said real. “You think you know what it’s going to be, but until you’ve been through it you don’t really know. It was great and I made a lot of memories there. But family comes first and in the end we wanted to stay in Fort Dodge (where the Rial family has lived since) 11. The trip (to Storm Lake) was too long (Mark and Lindsey have two sons: Trace and Parker). Convenient for me (commit to further development of BVU). “

Los Blancos are looking forward to teaming up with Thompson and the other Dodgers coaches starting next month.

“I will continue to learn and try to improve myself as a trainer and as a person” said real. “I have a great relationship with Coach Thompson. We have known each other for a long time. He emphasized the value of family and loyalty in the Dodger community, which appeals to me. not only by continuing the tradition, but by experiencing the success they have achieved over the years ”.

Mark is the son of Mike and Chris Real in Fort Dodge.

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