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A news has been added to the recent charges brought against this company. There are many indications that Facebook does not moderate the content posted on its social network in the same way, regardless of the country in question. For example, the greatest attention is paid to content appearing in the United States, India and Brazil, treating the rest of the world in completely different ways.

Since the network covers nearly 3 billion people worldwide, Facebook needs to change this rule. Currently, the company focuses its attention mainly on the countries where it is most popular and therefore brings the most profits.

The United States, Brazil and India belong to what is called level zero, which has priority. Next comes the first level, to which Faceboook ranks Israel, Iran, Italy and Germany. This information was recently disclosed by The Verge, which came into possession of an internal Facebook document regulating the matter. He says the next level includes 30 countries selected by Facebook, while content from other countries around the world is randomly and superficially checked.

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When asked to comment on these reports, Facebook released a statement: “We have special teams of moderators working to prevent similar phenomena in countries where there is an increased risk of various types of conflict. We also have global teams of so-called “native speakers” (ie national moderators) who review content in over 70 languages ​​with human rights experts. They address issues such as the changing terms of hate speech and have developed new ways to respond quickly to emerging issues.

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