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Computer security specialists discovered a serious flaw in one of the ransomware attack programs, and the hackers behind it must have been disgusted with the taste. The actions prepared by the actions ended in failure for unknown reasons.

Now they know they have just met an opponent worthy of them. They are computer scientists at an Emsisoft company who detected such a bug in a ransomware called BlackMatter.

Just days ago, hackers discovered why they were unable to force attacked companies to pay a ransom for providing them with a key that decrypts compromised data. The attacked companies did not have to comment on such a step, because Emsisoft knew how to recover this data.

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The BlackMatter cybercriminal group has been operating since July of this year. However, security analysts are sure these are the same hackers who previously belonged to the DarkSide group, known primarily for attacking Colonial Pipeline. The incident then led to gasoline and fuel shortages across the northeastern coast of the United States, and the criminals forced their victim to pay millions of dollars in ransom.

For the BlackMatter group, this is a real deception, and in the opinion of experts in the field, its reputation in the world of cybercriminals will drop to zero. Therefore, it is possible that it ceases its activities or that it dissolves or changes its name for reasons of ignorance. However, experts in the problem believe that they will also be hunted down, because sooner or later specialists will recognize their modes of operation and the tools they use.

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