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Can the voice help us in business? Will smart speakers be a solution for all industries? Who can support their work with a voice assistant? This is what we are talking about in our last podcast.

Sounds are part of our lives. Voice assistants and smart speakers are already entering the business world, helping people not only in their daily activities at home, but also at work. Where is voice used today? In many sectors. From medical, through finance, insurance, to the industrial world. There is still a lot to be done, the possibilities of voice assistants are enormous. It takes time, data and algorithms. But the road has already started. What could be at the end? See for yourself. We are talking about voice technologies with Karol Stryja, a man-institution in the voice world. Some say he was born with a microphone, others say he was born with a smart speaker in his hand. Sponsor of many Polish podcasts. Evangelist voice I vocal consultant, co-founder of the movement Vocal lunch. One of the 68 global technology leaders voice.

We invite you to listen to the podcast.

This is the last episode of the spring series. Soon we’re back with the summer edition of Computerworld Tech Trends podcasts. Stay with us!

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