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Yesterday evening of Polish time, for the second time this week, Facebook applications (like Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger) stopped providing their services for a while. This time, the failure didn’t wreak as much havoc on their users as it did on Monday (when it was only deleted after more than seven hours), but then again, the reputation of the owner of the largest social network in the world has been badly tarnished.

The company Down Detector (which continuously monitors the functioning of Internet services) announced that users began to experience problems with these services at 18:00 GMT (in Poland 20:00). Instagram users were the most troubled, and Messenger and WhatsApp users were a bit smaller, although they were also affected by connection issues.

Facebook immediately confirmed it was in trouble and released a short statement saying it was apologizing and doing everything it could to keep the services running normally. This time the crash was removed much faster, because after two hours all three websites started to function relatively smoothly, although they still react to their users’ actions with a delay. One can only hope that the Law of the Series and saying playing it up to three times won’t work in this case and a similar situation won’t happen again in the next few days.

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