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We invite you to listen to the second Tech Trends podcast in the fall series. With our interlocutor, we will enter the world of logistics processes assisted by technology. If you thought global supply chains were a simple diagram, you wouldn’t even know how wrong you got …

Is the “Made in China” product really only from China, and the one assembled in Belgium is really Belgian? Economic links, components manufactured in several places around the world, warehouse policy – all these are extremely complicated today. In order not to fall into the trap, companies should implement specialized IT tools and systems that will not only get a clear picture of the entire supply chain, but also effectively manage time. , people and resources. What does supply chain optimization look like today? Does the component warehouse play the same role today as it did a few years ago? We talk about it, among others, with Konrad Kurkiewicz, the SAP Solutions Architect at NTT Data Business Solutions, a man who has had the opportunity to take a close look at logistics solutions in many places around the world.

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